The Good and The Bad

Dish Network Review
We tested Dish Network for 2 years, learning both the good and the bad.

Why Dish is Good
Price: Dish has the lowest prices with plans starting at $19.99 per month and offers the best value in HD with over 80 HD channels and HD packages that start at just $10 per month.
Free HD DVR: easy to use, loaded with features and better than TIVO. On Demand movies start at just $1.99.
Easy to Use: using Dish is easy and very simple. Adding new channels is a snap, change your viewing plan from your TV in just 1 minute.
24/7 Customer Service: skilled help is always just a quick and simple call away.

Why Dish is Bad
Programing Changes: channels on Plans can change as often as 2x a year.
Loss of Signal: in a very heavy rain the satellite link can be lost. This happens to DirecTV as well.

Dish vs. DirecTV: which is better - Dish Network or DirecTV?
Both use satellites to deliver TV to your house and both beat Cable in terms of cost and channel selection. As channel selection and HD offerings are similar, there are just 4 major differences between Dish and DirecTV:

Price: Dish is priced lower than DirecTV, savings average about $10 per plan. Over the course of a year that adds up to $120 savings per year.
NFL Sunday Ticket: DirecTV has it, Dish does not. But at $300 a season, is it worth it for 2 to 3 extra games? Factor in the $120 annual difference between Dish and DirecTV and it is cheaper going to the local sports bar for two games and pocketing Dish's $420 savings each year.
Receivers: Dish has better receivers based on both our independent research and reviews.
Customer Service: Dish's customer service is ranked #1, when your TV link goes down, Dish's superior customer service helps you get things fixed faster.